Our Facilities


  • Building has been planned and designed by professional Architects and structural Design Engineers.
  • Building has been comprised of reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C) in foundation ,column, beam and slab considering seismic and wind effect with modern design concept.
  • Comprehensive checking and testing of all steel reinforcement has been conducted by professional design and supervision engineers.


  • Design solid teak main entrance door with impressive Door Handle Lock, Check viewer.
  • Main Door frame will be Mehagoni or Equivalent.
  • Veneered flush door shutter with French French polished in internal rooms and verandahs internal door frame will be Mehagoni or imported(Malaysia) or equivalent.
  • Mortise lock in all doors.
  • Toilet doors are best quality or local made PVC door.


  • Aluminium sliding windows with rain water barrier with aluminium 3" section per Architectural design of the Building .
  • Clear Glass (5mm Thickness) Safety Grills in all windows with matching enamel paint.


  • Tiles (CBC, Fu-Wang or equivalents tiles )in rooms and verandahs.
  • Plastic paint in all internal walls and ceiling of soft colors (Burger/Elite/Equivalent).


  • Fu-wang or equivalent commode, lowdown and pedestal basin in master bath and all other bath rooms.
  • Glaze wall and floor is all bathrooms (CBC, Fu-wang or equivalent tiles).
  • Provisions for hot & cold water in master bath &kitchen.


  • Double Burner gas outlet over concrete platform with tiled top.
  • Glazed wall tide up to sink top level (CBC, Fu-wang or equivalent)
  • Glazed tiles in floor (CBC, Fu-Wang or equivalent tiles) and good quality stainless steel sink (single bowl sink).
  • Provision for exhaust fan at suitable location.


  • Mk type (Equivalent) electrical switches and sockets with separate electrical distribution box in each apartment.
  • All power outlet with earth connection. Provision for air conditioner in master bed and living room.
  • Telephone socket in master bed and living room.
  • Verandahs with suitable light point.
  • Concealed intercom line at suitable location.
  • Concealed satellite TV cable in living and master bed room.
  • Provision for internet connection.


  • Impressive reception desk with intercom set.
  • Intercom system for the apartment.
  • Floor tiles in all lift lobbies and staircase with proper lighting system.


  • 2(Two) No. of imported lift of adequate capacity.


  • Emergency supply through generator for lighting in common space, stairs, lift and two points in each apartment.

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