About Us

The advent of the new world economy changed the way people interact, changed business, and changed real estate. Wafeeqa Real Estate Ltd. responded by aligning our geographies, services, talent, and processes to deliver meaningful value to our clients.
Throughout it all, we have remained true to our philosophy which guides everything we do – our clients come first. We are defined by our clients – we strive to align ourselves with our clients’ needs each and every day.

Key Fact

Meeting and working with our people is the only way to understand what makes Wafeeqa Real Estate Ltd. different – but these facts give you a flavor for what we do and how we do it.


> To be the most preferred real estate firm, providing the most creative and innovative services on a consistent basis.
> To drive meaningful value to our clients.
> To be the best at what we do.


> To mobilize and deliver our vast knowledge, resources and talent throughout the world on behalf of our clients.
> To enable them to make the most informed real estate decisions.


Buildings contribute more to global warming than cars, trucks and buses combined, and consume large quantities of natural resources. Well-managed sustainability strategies not only reduce pressure on our resources, they also yield operational cost savings, healthier and more productive work environments, and more valuable assets.
For our clients and our own operations, Wafeeqa creates action plans and a program of continuous improvement to deliver sustainability strategies that make a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and the long term value of our clients’ assets.

Project Management

We create sustainable building standards in the design and construction of new buildings and tenant fit-out projects, following BNBC certification. Through an integrated project delivery approach, Wafeeqa helps to minimize costs during design and construction, and throughout the life of the project space.


At Wafeeqa Real Estate Ltd, we define our culture as our behavior among ourselves and our clients.

Our Vision drives all that we do and our Values guide our behavior in all of our business dealings. Our clients, our core competencies, and the ability of our people to deliver those core competencies make up our brand, and we approach business with a discipline, consistency, simplicity and transparency that is unique and is what differentiates Wafeeqa.

The pillars of our culture

• Honesty and integrity.
• We invest in our clients and people in order to deliver superior results for clients and shareholder returns.
• Principals as primary equity holders are accountable to clients as well as each other.
• Our philosophy ensures our clients’ best interests are always our focus, and demands that the right resources are assigned to every opportunity.